What does my home policy cover?

What does my home policy cover?
  • Your home coverage can be broken down into 2 basic parts.
    • Protection for your house (the structure, personal property, and living expenses)
      • The Structure- includes the floor, walls, external siding, and roof (*note that your crawlspace is not covered).
      • Personal Property- typically any item that would fall out if your home were picked up and dumped upside down.
      • Living Expenses- This would cover rent and food in the event your home becomes unlivable due to a loss.
    • Protection for you (liability).
      • This is liability protection if someone is injured on your property.
        • Examples of property liability incidents include:
          • Your dog runs out in front of a motorcycle and causes the motorcyclist to be seriously injured.
          • A neighbor kid falls off your trampoline and breaks his arm.
          • Someone slips and falls on ice on your driveway and tears a ligament in their arm.

Our carriers offer many additional coverages for your home policy. These include covering valuable items such as jewelry and guns, insuring the sewer, water, and utility lines between your house and the street, as well as long term water seepage and leakage coverages (which are not typically covered on a standard home policy).

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Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash